General update 22 April 2021: services, appointments and hospitals

We are striving to improve and restore our services as well as possible as the country continues to move further along the roadmap out of lockdown. We are still restricted in our ability to have patients in the surgery, but overall the current approach of telephone consulting, with the option of prearranged face to face consulting (where examination is essential to the diagnosis), is working as a pragmatic and safe compromise. We are also proud that, for many of our routine services such as diabetes, respiratory, immunisations and sexual health care we have maintained normal or near-normal care.

Now that more people are returning to their workplace, we appreciate that our current approach of calling you back ‘before 1pm’ or ‘before 6:30pm, is insufficiently flexible, so we have changed our system around this. You will now be offered a specific appointment time for your call, with the clarification that we will call as close to that time as possible, and normally within one hour.

We are very grateful for your continued understanding in the current situation. We know that as the spike of infections diminishes, those who have been waiting for care at the hospitals will start to wonder when they will be treated. We also know that our hospital colleagues are doing everything they can to work through the backlog and get to you as soon as they can. Therefore, if your condition is stable it is very helpful if you can continue to be patient for a little longer; responding to large numbers of queries in itself may impede the return to normal service.

As always, if your condition is getting worse and you are worried, please contact us to discuss this.