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I have been a patient at Ridgacre House Surgery for over 25 years. The Doctor’s, Nurses and reception staff are lovely. They have always had the time to talk to you and have never felt rushed. I am extremely lucky to have found a surgery who cares. Thank you

Roger Nicholls

My experience of Ridgacre Surgery is a good one.. when looking after my Nanna the Doctors & Nurses were fantastic to her needs. When I joined the Surgery I have had a good experience with The Doctors & nurses no complaints

Rachel Rose

This is one of the best GP surgeries I have used in the UK. Getting an appointment on the day is never an issue and I have been so impressed with every single one of the doctors I’ve seen. They always take the time to listen, to explain everything and to make sure you’ve understood. Everyone has been very kind and polite and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I was really disappointed to have to switch surgeries when I moved.

Caitlin McMullin