Restoring normal services

As the vaccination programme continues and the country unlocks, requests for appointments is increasing. This has led to a rise in pressure on our telephone lines, with some finding it hard to get through, or not getting an appointment when they do.

We are humbled by the tolerance and support of our patients so far. Moving to a phone-based system has been as unsettling for many of you as for us. We too are looking forward to seeing more of you face to face.

We need to remain Covid secure in the surgery to protect the most vulnerable. There are still people waiting to be vaccinated, or who have not so far taken up their vaccination. There are concerns about a recent rise in cases and there is always the risk of new variants of Coronavirus emerging. However, we are committed to improving access and face to face consulting as soon as possible.

For now, we restarting online booking and introducing an online way to sort out your prescription queries to ease the pressure on our phones. We are also increasing face to face appointments, to test how to keep people safe and work out the balance between telephone slots and face to face. Please ask for a phone consultation if your problem can be managed that way, but tell the receptionist if you think you need to be seen so that we are aware, even if we need to start with a call to assess things. Also, please get vaccinated when invited! It’s the single biggest thing you can do to help.

A lot of things remain uncertain. Through the pandemic we have been determined that our service will be as good as it possibly can be, and this is just as true now. Thank you for continuing to work with us – we need your help to succeed.