Update on services

We know there is debate about access to GP services. Some ask why their surgery front door is still closed when everything else has opened up. Others say they can’t see their doctor face to face and have to make do with a phone call. We want to explain the situation for our surgery, so that you know what the current arrangements are and why.

All through the pandemic we have seen patients face to face for whom this is needed. Also, we have been offering face to face appointments, bookable by patients, since early summer. We have to limit these so that the surgery remains safe, but have been increasing them steadily and plan to offer more still as confidence increases. If you feel you need a face to face appointment please ask. If there are none available the receptionist will inform the doctor so they are aware when they call you.

GP surgeries are unlike any other institution in that many vulnerable people have to enter our building for routine care, and our buildings make it a challenge to protect them from other patients who may carry infection. Even with vaccination, the very vulnerable are still at risk. This is why we are still controlling access to our surgeries at the front door. We are keeping this under constant review and will re-open the surgery to general access as soon as we can do so safely.

All through the pandemic we have been grateful for your help. We can only cope with your support. As Covid comes under control, requests for help from our patients are at higher levels than ever before. We know you are only trying to contact us because you need us; in three days last week we made an extraordinary 129 referrals for further care. Please know we are doing our very best to help you as safely and promptly as possible. Everyone knows the coming months will be challenging, but we can work it through if we work together.